About Us

We defined our overall objective in line with the global objective of this call for proposals which is to improve the quality of education and training. The overall objective of our project is to contribute to increase the quality of special education services for inclusive education through developing standardized training materials and innovative assessment and evaluation tool.

Specific objective of our project is defined as enhancing the awareness, knowledge and competencies of teachers, families of hearing-impaired students and families of their peers. We aimed to increase the capacity of families and special education teachers as well as guidance teachers, classroom teachers, vocational school teacher about special education of hearing-impaired students with a set of online trainings. To realize this aim, we will develop online training materials related to the special education of hearing-impaired students. Before developing these training materials we will prepare of national occupational standards of TSL Training and Interpretership and make these new developed standards approved by VQA. These standards will be determined for the first time in our country and in our region by our project and it is an innovative element that makes the educational materials that will be developed with our project different from the current educational materials. Along with the online courses we will organize events to increase the awareness of teachers, families, families of students’ peers and school directors about the importance of special education o for hearing-impaired students.